Thursday, March 27, 2008

Second to Last of the Blog Challenges

OK, I admit it ~ I suck at watercoloring and I suck at scanning. Just not having a good day today at all....if I hadn't already done this card I would have dropped out of the challenge.

Took Kelton to the dentist today and he needs $2600 worth of work...and he's 3!! I watercolored this card while waiting for the appointment, so maybe that's why I"m so displeased with it....who knows?

Anyway, here's my feeble attempt at today's challenge to 1. use a tag of any size, 2. use any shade of red (in this case, baroque burgundy), and 3. us any bling ~ that SU crystal brad is the best part of th whole card, imho.


Pearlann66 said...

I like it!!
I like the way the flower is off the card!

Denise Bryant said...

LOL...don't be so hard on yourself. I am happy you played and I do like your card. Tomorrow will be easy...promise.

imastampin said...

I think your card is very cute.

I think you need a second opinion on your 3 year old. That's crazy! They are baby teeth! Yikes!

MommyKnows said...

I like the card!

My 2.5 year old needs $2400 ... sigh!