Sunday, June 29, 2008

Thanks Ramona

Decided to use my pretties kit to make a thank you card for Ramona, a friend who has been really helpful to us here ~ even lending us her microwave when she heard that our rental home didn't have one.

I used the flower stamp from the Natural Beauty set to make the panels for this card...figured out the size I needed for all 3 panels, cut one piece to fit, stamped it and then cut it into 3 so the panels would all be perfectly matched. Used the scor-pal to draw the lines around the outer panels. Note to self ~ I am SO terrible at math ~ it took me several tries, and then help from my husband to figure out the measurements that would make the panels equal.

I'm disappointed with the way my scanner is handling colors lately ~ in reality, the ink color and the CS are exactly the same shade, as is the center flower and the brad. Color is lavender lace, and it looks so pretty IRL. I know Ramona will really like this card.

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Simi said...

Wow! The card is beautiful! I would be touched if someone gave me a thank you card that was that pretty.
- Marie (