Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Gift Tags

From My Cards
Recently, there was a Creative Memories open house in Sarasota, Florida, and since I received an invitation, I decided to take a couple of my scrapbooking buddies (Sandy and Trish) and see what it was all about. We were told we'd be making gift tags, and invited to bring photos to all to the tags.

Never had much interest in CM before, but I have to say I did like their tag punch the tag with one end of the punch, then insert it into the other end to add a perfectly placed hole.

What you see above are a few of the tags I did for this year's Christmas gifts. I was too lazy to punch out separate letter stickers to spell 'to' or 'for', so used the easy way out...LOL

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Joanne B. said...

Hi there!

I'm the worst, I can't find your mailing address and have got to get your prize winnings out to you. I apologize for the delay, between thanksgiving and being sick... I'm a mess. If you drop me a line I can get it out to you RIGHT away!


Joanne Basile